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Intensity heat map of a coronal section of a rat brain labeled for TH, showing the density of dopaminergic terminals in the striatum. Nigral dopamine neurons on the right side of the image were transduced with an AAV vector expressing an shRNA targeting rat α-synuclein; those on the left were transduced with a control vector. Terminals with reduced α-synuclein expression were protected from rotenone – the effect was most pronounced in the dorsolateral striatum (arrows).

Intensity heat map showing the average positions of 24 zebrafish swimming in the wells of a 24-well plate. See Zhou et al 2014.

Time-lapse image of dsRed-labeled mitochondria within a dopaminergic axon in the CNS of a live transgenic zebrafish. One of the mitochondria is seen being transported along the axon (arrows).
See Dukes et al 2016.