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Edward A. Burton, MD, DPhil, FRCP

Associate Professor of Neurology
Associate Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
UPMC Endowed Chair in Movement Disorders

Dr. Burton was awarded his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degrees with honors from the University of Birmingham Medical School, England, UK in 1991.  He completed a general medicine residency in Oxford, UK and was admitted to Membership of the Royal College of Physicians in 1994.  After neurology residency training in Birmingham, UK, he became a research training fellow at the University of Oxford, and was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy degree in 2000.  He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in neurological gene transfer at the University of Pittsburgh in 2001 and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Medicine with honors from the University of Birmingham, England, UK, in 2003.  He completed higher specialist training in neurology as Clinical Lecturer in Neurology at the University of Oxford, and was admitted to the specialist register of the General Medical Council (UK) in 2003.  Between 2003 and 2004 he completed a clinical fellowship in movement disorders at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London.  He joined the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh in 2004 and was elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians of London in 2009.

Dr. Burton currently divides his time between carrying out research into Parkinson’s disease, progressive supranuclear palsy and related conditions at the University of Pittsburgh, and providing clinical care to patients in the movement disorders clinics at UPMC and Pittsburgh VA Hospital.

Qing Bai, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Bai was awarded her PhD in biochemistry and genetics from Purdue University and completed postdoctoral training in virology and molecular biology at the University of Pittsburgh and Oxford University.  She specializes in construction and characterization of transgenic and knockout zebrafish models and in the design and construction of recombinant viral vectors.

Vladimir Ilin, MD

Research Scientist

Dr. Ilin was awarded his MD degree from Northern State Medical University in Russia.  After working as a surgeon for more than 10 years, he trained in electrophysiology at the University of Connecticut. He specializes in electrophysiological and kinematic analysis and is currently studying early neurophysiological events in neurodegeneration.

Victor Van Laar, PhD

Research Instructor

Dr. Van Laar received his PhD in Terri Hasting’s lab in PIND and completed postdoctoral training with Sarah Berman.  He specializes in mitochondrial mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and is employing live imaging in the zebrafish CNS to understand how mitochondrial dynamics contribute to pathophysiology.

Phil Bartel, ScB, AB

Medical Student, Dean’s Fellow, and Roth Scholar

Phil completed his ScB in Cell and Molecular Biology and his AB in Anthropology at Brown University and was awarded an academic scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.  He is currently both a Dean’s Fellow  and a Roth Scholar, spending time out of the MD program to complete research into genetic modifiers of tauopathy.  Using genetic approaches in zebrafish models he will test how genes adjacent to PSP GWAS hits modify the pathogenesis of tauopathy in vivo.

Juhi Mehta

Pitt Undergraduate Student

Juhi is a rising senior in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences majoring in neuroscience and sociology.  She is a recent recipient of a CNUP summer undergraduate research fellowship and a Nu Rho Psi Fellowship.  She works on the role of astroglial pathology in tauopathy.  Juhi will start her medical school training in the MD program at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Fall 2020.

Binxuan (Jenny) Jiao

Tsinghua Scholar

Jenny is a third year medical student from Tsinghua University in Beijing, undergoing training in biomedical research at Pitt.  Her work focuses on developing a novel high spatial resolution chemoptogenetic method for ablation of specific organelles in neurons in vivo, to evaluate their function in the pathophysiology of neurodegeneration.

Darius Hossainian

Medical Student

Darius was awarded his BS degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and is currently a student in the MD program at Pitt.  He is carrying out research into new tools to enhance the throughput of zebrafish chemical rescue screens to facilitate drug discovery in neurological disease models.

Cameron Miller-Patterson, MD

Movement Disorders Fellow

Cameron was awarded his MD degree from Stonybrook University, NY and completed a medical internship and neurology residency program at Brown University, Providence, RI.   He is currently completing his subspecialty training in movement disorders at the University of Pittsburgh and carrying out clinical research into neuromuscular electrical stimulation in jaw-closing dystonia.